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Back for 2012 XD

Phew! It's been a long time since ive been here lol XD

I recieved some friend requests and yeah, I acepted all of it =D

pls continue to add me ^^

Anyway, I really miss this site n I'm pretty busy with school lately and next year would be my very VERY important exam >.< (so not looking forward to it...)

btw... see the background I'm using ;)

They are boy group from korea called B.A.P (Best.Absolute.Perfect) I know SOME of you doesn't know anything about K-pop (not that I'm mad or anything XD) judging from my previous blog post so I thought it would be okay if I share something about them ^^ (mainly cause I'm bored -_-)

Warrior: /watch?v=5tLooPlf2Sw


No Mercy:/watch?v=MxPb3z76uAYCrash: http:/watch?v=omu0-hvXuhs

And other songs in their album like (they have currently released 3 mini albums and 1 repackaged album):-


Secret Love

Burn it up

Fight for Freedom

What The Hell

It's all Lies

Dancing In The Rain

What My Heart Tells me To Do

Voicemail/Voice Message


I remember (there are 2 versions)

And do listen to their lablemates SECRET. There's not much view for these vidoes since another channel uploaded their video. This is the video from their agency(TS Entertainment) Here are the MVs:

I want you back:/watch?v=lssqKeQRmbs



Shy Boy:/watch?v=3v8zXLA06NI

Starlight Moonlight:/watch?v=-EYuowaHfbA

Love is Move:/watch?v=yGO84ZoYXts


And other songs in their albums ^^:

3 years 6 months (I actually cried because this song is about how long they had to face their hadrships during their trainee days in their current agency(if im not mistaken about the last part)

I want your soul in seoul


My boy


Do Better (ft. Baekchan)




Amazinger (Zinger's solo)



Calling U



And some other songs that I forgot -.-

BTW, this song is Jieun's solo ft. Bang Yongguk-

Going Crazy:/watch?v=5S42aHQQ5AA

Her solo: It's cold (OST):/watch?v=FH__y5TsQ14

and "Yesterday"

There's also Bang and Zelo. Their song is called Never Give Up: /watch?v=Sd4s1aVXKpU

I remember (only Yongguk) MV (ft.Yoseob): /watch?v=Z2ae5qRWPCg

Another ver of the song: this is during their showcase- /watch?v=JzLXvOMMqtQ



There's also a hip-hop duo called Untouchable. One of the songs that I like is You You. List of songs:http:// mardi09 . wordpress . com/2009/12/28/profile - untouchable/

Secret facebook page:

B.A.P facebook page:

TS Entertainment facebook page:

TS offical youtube channel:

Since everything is korean, you could just search the song with eng lyrics on youtube :)

Credits to the owners for the pictures :)

Sunhwa, Hyosung, Zinger, Ji Eun

other pictures to spazz...hehe











Left to right: Daehyun,Jongup,Himchan,Yongguk,Youngjae,Zelo


Extra info about them:

1. Secret debuted in 2009 with I want you back.

2.  Jeon Hyosung: Leader, main dancer, vocal    Zinger/Jung Hana: main rapper, lead dancer    Song Ji eun: Main singer    Han Sunhwa: Vocal, Face of the group

3. Secret used to live in the basement.

4. Hyosung was the first one to dye her hair purple among other idol groups in kor.

5. As for B.A.P, they debuted in 2012 with Warrior.

6. They continue to promote Power(April) and No Mercy (July, i think...) and Crash (August i think...) I knew but I forgot -.-

7. They have their mascot called Matoki (that explains the colour for their names). Matoki Facebook page:

8. Yongguk was still a trainee when he collab with jieun.

9. hyosung used to be in a 'love triangle' (not for real but if you watch a show called "Oh My School" at certain episode, you why ;))

10. Sunhwa skin is 10 years younger (this was from 2011) hehe... random... :p

11. Jieun actually dyed her hair blue during Going Crazy promotion. (some people thought it was a wig)

12. Words that you will know if you're BABY (B.A.P's fanclub name. There is a reason for this so just search it yourself :p)

-banana mike

-cherry tomato

-naekkoya-mine(something like that but this is not translated properly :))



-ice cream song

-ice cream liners


-JB is my friend (not justin kay -_-)


-instrument ulzzang

-Busan's Wonbin


There's a lot more but. I'll stop ;)

13. Yonnguk- Leader, main rapper

     Himchan-  vocal, rapper, face of the group

     Daehyun- main vocal

     youngjae- lead vocal

     Jongup - main dancer, vocal

     Zelo/Choi Junhong- lead rapper, lead dancer

14. BYG used to be an underground rapper called Soul Connection. He has a twin btw^^

15. Secret's fanclub name is  Secret Time.

16. They are the 3rd girl group to debut in the Oricon Chart(I think there's a mistake about the word debut there but watever)

17. more info about Secret http:// www . koreaboo . com/index.html/_/editorial/kpop-101-meet-the-members-of-secret- r11056

18. Hyosung is known as 'bagel girl'- baby face and glamorous body(at first, I was confuse with the word bagel until someone explain XD)

#will edit in the future

do comment to let me know what you think about them ^^


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